Dana Rae Andreson's passion for photography began as a little girl, when she enjoyed capturing her special family moments on film. "Christmas, birthdays, summer vacations - I took it very seriously! Not much has changed, except I'm much less bossy now!"

Photography took a backseat for a few years while Dana completed her Rehabilitation Practitioner schooling, and then started a family. "Once the kids were born, it became quite obvious my love for photography had not diminished. My family still makes fun of how many pictures I take."

Eventually, Dana began taking photography classes at an Edmonton college. "Those courses taught me the technical skills I needed to advance my abilities. I learned proper lighting techniques, visual design principles, filter and metering techniques and so much more."

Using this knowledge, along with her natural talents, Dana began taking professional photos over 8 years ago.

Many things have changed over the years, but one thing that has not changed is Dana's flexible and accomodating style. "I love working together with people to achieve the feel and style of photo they want. Some of the best pictures are made using spontaneous ideas."

Recently, Dana took her craft to the next level by building a 440 square foot studio space. This exciting addition will allow Dana to take photos no matter what the weather, in an inviting and private space. "It was always in the back of my mind that I would love a studio like this. It's a dream come true. The studio is so open and versatile - it really lends itself to any type of photo I take."

"I still feel so honored that people trust me to capture the most special moments of their lives. It is an honour I cherish, and take very seriously."

Dana currently lives in Viking, Alberta with her husband David and their three children.